The main issues of Go West is to; 

  • Organize our tours in close cooperation with those we visit.

  • Travel without compromising nature, local culture, environment or safety.

  • Highlight local history and cultural heritage.

  • Stimulate a fertile interaction between guests and hosts.

This is important to us because we know it is important to our visitors. We make this happen for instance through events we initiates or we take part in others.

Solstice hike 2012 - 10 hours in the national park

Solstice hike 2013 - 24 hours in the national park

The solstice hike is such an event where we collaborate with the Snaefellsjokull National Park, with Lifsbjorg (the local rescue team), West Iceland Marketing Office and many other in the community. - You support the rescue team directly with 5% of the price.

NB: It is not mandatory to hike all the 24 hours. You can drop in and out at three various places: Dritvik/Djúpalón, Arnarstapi and Eysteinsdalur.


Solstice hike 2014 - 8 hours in the national park


This is a kind of history


24 hour solstice hike

During the annual cultural hiking event in midsummer in West Iceland (June 21-22, 2014) we walk around the clock through the Snaefellsjokull National Park. The aim isn’t to win but to experience, to push one’s own boundaries, to interact with the locals, to walk in the footsteps of the sagas, to enjoy the nature, the mysticism and the unique bright nights.

Traditional activities and refreshment stations can be found along the way to help create 24 memorable hours.



  • Bus transport from Hellissandur to Djúpalón
  • Guiding in English, German, Scandinavian and Icelandic
  • Refreshment in Eysteinsdalur (sup, dread, tee...)
  • Safety gear for the glacier
  • Surveillance and security measures

  • Toilet facilities on wheels 

  • Diploma

  • Swimming pool - Remember to bring swim suits


  • Dinner at Arnarstapi
  • Foot massage in Eysteinsdalur
  • Accommodation 

The year 2013 we did the 24 hours version of the solstice hike for the first time. We tested out the schedule, the trail, safety and various important sides of the hike and it turned out to be very successful. We know we are in good hands because we walk in the tracks of Báður Snæfellsás (half a giant and half man) a guardian of the community. The hike starts at Dritvík where Bárður landed on his voyage from Norway almost 1000 years ago and we end our journey 24 hours later in the lane (Tröð) at Hellissandur.

The first half

The second half

 Distance and time schedule

Distance and time schedule