Iceland in miniature in 5 days

with Snæfellsnes lengthwise and crosswise on a bike

Snæfellsnes is a peninsula in western Iceland that has almost everything that characterizes the island as a whole. We will begin by seeing a few sights in Reykjavik on the first day but start the cycling trip in Stykkisholmur. During the tour, the key words are: flourishing history, unique nature and meet with local people.

We ride through the Snæfellsjökull National Park, a national treasure due to its nature and its interaction with culture.

Dates and prices:

  • July   22.-26. / Also other dates if requested
  • € 790 / ISkr. 130.000

Group size: 10 - 20

Deposit: 10%

Additional pricing:

  • Airport shuttle back and forth, Blue Lagoon included: € 95
  • Guesthouse accommodation 2 nights Stykkisholmur: € 280
  • Guesthouse accommodation 2 nights Reykjavik: € 280
  • Buss transport back and forth to Stykkisholmur: € 90
  • Single Hotel Supplement from: € 40


  • Two English speaking Icelandic guides.
  • Bicycle and helmet.
  • Luggage transport and a car following for safety while cycling.
  • Entrance to museums, swimming pools and hot tubs.
  • Accommodation and full catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner) throughout the round trip from Stykkisholmur, including the final dinner.


  • Single timed group transfer from Keflavik Airport, with a stop at the BLUE LAGOON on the way to Reykjavik on Day 1 and a single timed group transfer from Reykjavik to Keflavik Airport on Day 8.
  • Guesthouse accommodation in Reykjavik/Mosfellsbær for 1 or 2 nights on a bed and breakfast basis and 1 or 2 nights on the same basis in Stykkisholmur. Bed and breakfast in Reykj/Mos for 1 or 2 nights and/or in Stykkisholmur.
  • Buss transport to Stykkisholmur back and forth.

Not Included

  • Horse rental
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport transfers (other than the designated group transfers on Day 1 and Day 7 or 8)
  • Meals other than what's included in B&Bbreakfasts when in Reykjavik and Stykkisholmur


Day 0+ (Your travel day to Iceland and Stykkisholmur - Optional): On your arrival, before 3 pm to Keflavik Airport, we can pick you up at the airport if you are a group. We will transfer you to Reykjavik (45 min.) so you can catch the scheduled buss to Stykkisholmur at 5:15 pm which is about 2 1/2 hours’ drive. - If your landing is before 1 pm we will have time for a short visit to the BLUE LAGOONon our way to Reykjavik. –The standard of the accommodation in Stykkirholmur varies but our price is based on bed and breakfast at a guesthouse.

Day 1 - We bike a distance of approx. 45 km. Before we leave Stykkishólmur we stop at the Volcanic Museumwhere we get enlightening information about the area we are going to visit. To be fully safe on the tour we hike on Helgafell (The Holy Hill) where each of us are granted three wishes to be fulfilled for the trip and further journeys. We follow the old and calm country road to Bjarnarhöfn, one of the saga-steads, a nice little farm and museum. In this area there is a good chance that the biggest bird of prey in Europe will show up; the sea eagle and possibly many of them. That can be an astonishing sight. The Icelandic Sagas are close to us all the way to Grundarfjörðurbut at Sögumiðstöðin (The Heritage center) you will meet the legend himself; the maestro of storytelling (Ingi Hans on the picture).

Day 2 - 09:00 Departure from Grundarfjordur. We ride past the beautiful mountain Kirkjufell where we can see and almost feel the different layers of geological history. There are other types of stories from recent and older time of witchcraft, wraiths and ghosts, for example Fróðárundrin, an unbelievable but good story. We take a break in Ólafsvík which is a typical Icelandic fishing village. Take a bath in the swimming pool, visiting Pakkhúsið-museum, the harbour and the local market. Here dinner will be served, seafood delicacies, by the chef Vigfus. We ride on to Rif where Iceland’s most powerful and richest man in the 1400s, Björn the rich was killed by Englishmen, which probably triggered the war between the Danes and Britons at the time. - Overnight at the White House. - Distance Grundafjordur - Hellissandur approx. 35 km.

Day 3 - 09:00 Departure from Hellissandur at 9 a.m. Before crossing the border into the national park, we take a look the small maritime museum. Also of interest are the remains of monasteries of Irish monks who actually came to Iceland long before the Norwegian settlers (landnomsmenn), buildings that have been difficult to explain. It was from here we estimate Leif Eriksson started his voyage to North America around 1000. When Christopher Columbus prepared for his exploration to the West he came to Snæfellsnes in the year 1477. As we continue cycling nature speaks much for itself but in between, people have taken their toll, leaving stories that are at the limits of reality. We take a detour from the main road, for example, to the cave Vatnshellir and Dritvik where we pick up the story of the Norwegian Bard (son of Dovregubben - the Mountain King) who took land here with his crew. We are well received by Olina Gunnlaugsdottir at Arnarstapi with food and drink. Olina has a solid knowledge of the local culture and history. Overnight at Snjofell Guest House. - Distance Hellissandur - Arnarstapi approx. 36 km.

Day 4 - Before we leave Arnarstapi (approximately at 9 am), we take a little dive in literature and visual art that Snæfellsjökull Glacier and the surrounding area has been a part of. The most famous visual artists are Jóhannes Kjarvaland Diter Rothwhile the great authors who have found inspiration here are our Nobel Prize winning author Halldor Laxnesand Jules Verne("Journey to the Centre of the Earth"). We will learn a bit more about the history of Bard, followed by a story about one of Iceland's most grotesque mass murderers; Axlarbjørnfrom the 1500s. We rid us of the horrors with a healing bath at Lysuholl (a swimming pool that is unrivalled. See: Slimy goodness). From there it is 5 km to our next accommodation, Langaholt. If anyone would be interested in trading in the bike for a horse there's the possibility of renting horses on Lysuholl(not included) and ride to LangaholtOur tracing car takes the bikes. - Distance Arnarstapi - Langaholt approx. 30 km.

Day 5 - This day is packed with exciting sights and promises so we start early. We will look for seals and other wildlife along the coast and consider how the landscape differs from the northside of Snæfellsnes. We visit Staðarstað, an important historical place where many chiefs and writers have lived, like Ari Fróði (Ari the Wise). As a writer of Íslendingabók, the very first book about Icelanders as a nation, he is often considered as a father or founder of the Icelandic nationality. We stop at the farm Fosswhere home made things are for sale and you can become an adoptive parent to a sheep. We check how the fishermen are doing at the salmon river; Straumfjarðará. We then pass back over the peninsula. The folklore flourishes in this area, stimulated by the landscape. Down back from the pass is an easy ride to Stykkishólmur where we close the circle in the hot tubs and swimming pool, before the final dinner at Narfeyrarstofa.

Day 6 (5-15 km) - Optional and recommended:

One or two more nights in Stykkisholmur and enjoy the  European Destination of ExcellenceSee also a video. - We can offer you day-tours in the vicinity of Snæfellsnes. Take a look at our day-tours.

Bus back to Reykjavik at 7:40 am. On Sundays 03:15 pm.

Day 7 - Optional and recommended:

One or two nights in Reykjavik and enjoy the Pure Energy of Reykjavik

Day 8 or ? - Optional:

Back home. - Sweet home!