Bicycles are one of our favourite means of transport

We like the story, told by an enthusiastic traveller and nature lover who had been travelling for years in Iceland in his super-jeep with boasted tyres and everything. One day he realized the scars and damages the vehicles had brought about, especially in the highland and he turned over to bicycle. When he described the difference from driving and enjoying nature through the car window, compared to cycling he said: "It feels like I have for years been eating my food with the packagings on, various plastic and paper. Now I enjoy every meal when I travel through variety of delicious tastes of outdoor live."

Multi-day bike tours

The Broad-bay Circle

6 days in a broad variation 

No area of Iceland can offer such a broad variety in outdoor life, nature, history and culture as Breiðafjörður (The Broad-bay). As a matter of fact the area has been a cultural centre through many ages but in modern times it has stayed free from overwhelming industrialization. It is a kind of remote area with some stretches of gravel roads but the nature is still the same:  Countless islands; Flatey and skerries with flourishing bird life, resources from the beach and sea and the farmers continue to be warm and friendly.

Physical difficulty level: 3-4  (Scale 1-5)

The Snæfellsnes Circle

Get Iceland in miniature in 4 or 5 days

  • Territory with a particular geological variation

  • Small fishing villages

  • Geological and cultural museums

  • Wildlife; birds, fox, seals and sometimes whales

  • Flourishing history and meeting local people

Physical difficulty level: 3  (Scale 1-5)

Snæfellsnes is a peninsula in west Iceland that has almost everything that characterizes the island as a whole. We ride through the Snæfellsjökull National Park, a national treasure due to its nature and its interaction with culture.

The Crown from all sides - Bike tour

Two days bike tour around the crown Snæfellsjökull

Like other crowns Snæfellsjökull is surrounded by precious adornments, though mainly made and crafted by nature itself. On this tour you will experience lava, caves, valleys and hollows, rocks and stones in many different colours and shapes. You will also learn how the community has coped with this environment through the ages, sometimes caring and nurturing and in other times harsh and punishing, brutal and violent. On this tour you will be treated with care, delicious dinner and a refreshing theatre show straight from the frying pan.

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