NB: We present here a draft to what we hope to offer summer 2018.

Please drop us a line if you are interested.

Viking trails through the holy hills and secular pits

Throughout this trip we will give you an introduction to how central Þórsnes (Thor’s peninsula) and Breiðafjörður (The Broad Bay) is in Icelandic history and culture. We start the voyage on a Viking boat to the wild life; sea birds (eider, cormorant, puffins, fulmars...) and abundance of fish, mainly cod. After we have spent about 1, 5 hour on sea we take on land and you have two options:

A)      You walk back with the ladies Theo and Maria and they take you through a landscape of local tastes and smells in their outdoor kitchen.

B)      You get a bike and we travel further into the saga-landscape with battles, mysteries, elves, trolls and other weirdoes.