The perfect team is first complete after you have signed on and got in the track with us.

The guides are typically the couple Jon Joel Einarsson and Maggy Magnusdottir, both experienced outdoor enthusiasts whose roots are in the western part of Iceland. They have substantial expertise in guiding, gained through long experience of outdoor life and excellent knowledge of the local nature and culture. In other words; Jon Joel and Maggy possess a wealth of values they want to share with others. - We share THESE values.


Jon Joel, skipper

has a diverse background within humanities from universities and working live in Iceland, Norway and USA, like theatre and literature, philosophy and creativity, Icelandic and pedagogy, 

He has been enthusiastic about nature and environmental issues for many years and is passionate believer in that tourism has immense power to do good for sustainability.

Maggy, First Mate & Caring Mistress 

is a social worker. She obtained her degree in Norway, long time ago and has a wealth of experience within family consultation, youth work, rehabilitation and leading trade-union  business. She is one of three founders of a successful outdoor educational program (Hálendishópurinn) for young people at risk.


We can proudly tell you that we are not alone. We are sometimes accompanied by experts in various fields:

Örlygur Sigurjónsson (Orsi)

is a certified guide, has been with us since 2015, and has over 20 years of experience working with outdoors enthusiasts from all over the world, including trekkers, paddlers, equestrians and mountain bikers.  Orsi graduated from Iceland Tourist Guide School in 2012 and is a member of Iceland Tourist Guide Association and a member of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides. He also is a certified sea kayak guide and is therefore equally at home on the water or up in the mountains. Orsi focuses on his clients safety and pleasure and is very interested in sharing stories from past to present while travelling. He tends to burst into song without a warning and loves coffee.


Björn Vilhjálmsson

Björn is an old friend and a colleague of Maggy since the days of Hálendishópurinn (1989-2007), a Wilderness Therapy they developed for youth at risk.  He is a climber and mountaineer, and former president of the Icelandic Alpine Club, A high school teacher by profession with a masters degree in Educational Theory and Adult Education.  Now he works mainly a consultant and an outdoor-experiential facilitator (see: experiential learning) in Iceland and at an European level (, where he has been leading Experiential leadership training-courses for reachers, trainers, business managers and youth leaders in various European countries.


Emily Lethbridge

Emily Lethbridge isn't just a respected scholar in medieval studies but also an outdoor  enthusiasts who is helping us to promote saga-pilgrimage in Iceland.

Haraldur Sig.jpg

Haraldur Sigurðsson

Haraldur Sigurðsson is a volcanologist and one of our would famous scientist. He is a professor emeritus from the University of Rhode Island and now he is back home. He travel a lot and is still active in various geological research but once in a while we can grab him and have him  to join our guests. He is enthusiastic about the growth of his old home town Stykkisholmur and is a founder of the VOLCANO MUSEUM there.


Ingþór Bjarnason

Ingþór Bjarnason is a psychologist with a broad background from working life. He is an expert in MINDFULNESS therapy and how nature can play a role in our healing process. His love for nature has brought him that wisdom, for instance through his exploratory journeys on glaciers over Greenland, South Pole and almost to the North Pole.


Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson

Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson is a glaciologist working at the Icelandic Meteorological Office. Global warming and its effect on glaciers is of major concern for us and Þorsteinn has shared with us information on the status of melting and retreating glaciers in Iceland.
He is a very talented communicator and has helped us to understand the big picture and importance of the glaciers for our lives.