Pagan and holy celebration

Cycling, hiking, dancing and swimming for two days in the magnificient Snæfellsnes, where we encounter pagan and holy homesteads of hidden people, berserks, trolls and humans on our way from Stykkishólmur to Helgafellssveit > Grundarfjörður > Helgrindur > Lýsuhóll.  We drive at last back to Stykkishólmur. 

Magnificent area!!!

Price:     39.000 iskr.


            10-11th August  - Promotional price: 33.000 iskr.


  • Access to museums and swimming pool
  • Two hot meals
  • Breakfast and provisions for the second day
  • Sleeping bag accommodation in a dorm or a lavvo tent.
  • Two English and Scandinavian speaking guides.
  • Car following for safety 
  • Shuttle from Lýsuhóll back to Stykkishólmur

Not included:

  • Provisions for the first day
  • Sleeping bag / blanket
  • Bicycle and helmet - Avalible for rent; 4000 kr.

Itinerary :

Day 1 - We bike a distance of approx. 45 km. Before we leave Stykkishólmur we stop at the Volcanic Museum  where we get enlightening information about the area we are going to visit. To be fully safe on the tour we hike on Helgafell (The Holy Hill) where each of us are granted three wishes to be fulfilled for the trip and further journeys. We follow the old and calm country road to Bjarnarhöfn, one of the saga-steads, a nice little farm and museum. In this area there is a good chance that the biggest bird of prey in Europe will show up; the sea eagle and possibly many of them. We can witness astonishing sight in this area like Kolgrafarfjörður where the wonders still happen. The Icelandic Sagas are close to us all the way to Grundarfjörður  but there you will meet  the maestro of storytelling; Ingi Hans. Be prepared to open your ears, minds and hearts for his stories from different times in Icelandic culture. There you will also meet the multi-artist Sigurborg and she will lead us into a dance called the 5Rhythms® as a way to connect to your body and being in a new, yet primal way.

Day 2  - This is primarily a hiking day (about 6-7 hours) and we start the walking at 09 am. By hiking through the Snæfellsnes mountain range Helgrindur (The Hell Range) you learn to know a rough part of Icelandic nature and also quite harsh life of people traveling in the ancient times. The place names as Troll Guy, Troll Beast, Troll kid... tells a bit of that story. We can select at least between three different passes and the altitude varies from circa 500-900 m. We rid us of the "horrors" with a healing bath at Lysuhóll (a swimming pool that is unrivalled. See: Slimy goodness). After such a healing bath we are fully prepared for a delicious dinner at Lysuhóll. - After dinner we drive back to Stykkisholmur.