Example Itinery 1


Example Itinery 1


7 incredible days

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Total Driving: 202km / Total Driving Time:2hours 32minutes

Day 1

  • Drive Keflavík to Borganes (1h 33minutes, 118km).
  • Visit Bonus supermarket (if needed).
  • Drive Borganes to Eldborg Crater (24minutes, 35km).
  • Eat packed lunch.
  • Hike up Eldborg Scoria Crater (Translates as fortress of fire) that was active between 5,000 - 8,000 years ago.
  • Hike both ways is roughly 6km and takes around 2hours at a leisurely pace.
  • Continue drive through lava field to Hof Accomodation (35min driving, 49km).

Day 2

  • Drive from Guesthouse Hof to Ytri Tunga (4minutes,, 2.8km)
  • Ytri Tunga is a seal hotspot famous for Common/Grey seals
  • Drive to Lýsuhólslaug Swimming pool (8min, 8.9km)