Welcome! - We believe you will enjoy taking part in a growing movement shaping the future of travel into ecotourism.

Our motto is balance which expresses itself in our efforts to:

  • Organize our tours in close cooperation with those we visit.

  • Travel without compromising nature, local culture, environment or safety.

  • Highlight local history and cultural heritage.

  • Stimulate a fertile interaction between guests and hosts.

These efforts  includes  ecotourism, something which really matters to us. "Ecotourism is enriching nature and cultural experiences, facilitated by responsible tourism businesses to care for their people, the environment and the communities they are part of." A definition from TIES. (The International Eco-tourism Society). We are now in the applying process among participants in VAKINN (an Icelandic quality assessment system for tourism).

The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
— Mahatma Gandhi

In more informal words, eco tourism mens: 

  • Having fun but...
  • We don't disrupt or spoil what we have come to enjoy.
  • We actively participate in protecting natural and cultural heritage of the area.
  • We show respect but we are curious about what isn't obvious.
  • It give coffers locally.

We take also notice of the 12 aims of UNEP and WTO for stustainable tourism. 

See: An agenda for sustainable tourism


Code of Ethics

We accept and comply with the VAKINN Code of Ethics.

  1. The company provides its customers with courteous and reliable service.
  2. The company maintains and respects confidentiality and discretion in all customer relations.
  3. The company is guided by honesty and fairness in all communication and business transactions.
  4. The company accords all its customers equal respect and consideration, regardless of, for example, gender, origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age, social standing and physical aptitudes.
  5. The company ensures that all information to its customers is correct and that its advertising provides a truthful and reliable impression of its services and facilities.
  6. The company prices goods and services unambiguously, in compliance with current legislation.
  7. The company makes an effort to answer all enquiries and requests in a fair and efficient manner.
  8. The company guarantees a fair and prompt handling of complaints.
  9. The company upholds and observes all laws and regulations pertaining to its operation and ensures their implementation.
  10. The company ensures that its bookkeeping and accounting practice is conducted in a professional manner.
  11. The company meets all its responsibilities to employees by observing the law in every respect as well as current collective bargaining agreements.
  12. The company ensures that its employees receive proper training and that their working conditions are appropriate.
  13. The company ensures the safety of its employees and customers by means of professional work practices and by maintaining high standards, both in facilities and equipment.
  14. The company acts in a responsible manner towards Iceland’s nature, environment and society.
  15. The company upholds the interests and reputation of Iceland as a high quality destination, emphasising hospitality, excellent service and sustainability.

The ideology

The ideology behind KOLVIÐUR is based on carbon sequestration from the atmosphere through reforestation and tree carbon (C) and solved oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere.

The aim

Kolviður's goal is increased carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems in order to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, to bind the soil and reduce soil erosion, increase public awareness and corporate greenhouse gas emissions, and promote education on related issues.

The aim of the project is therefore multifaceted, while carbon sequestration occurs, occurs sequestration and soil enrichment plant ecosystems.

By enabling the parties to take responsibility for their own emissions and respond with tangible results achieved. Kolviður will thus encourage Iceland to become the first nation in the world to offset their transportation carbon emission with forestry and land reclamation.